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Approaches & Frameworks

When at the intervention phase, the OD consultant is already sitting on heaps of raw data. Thus, planning the intervention is basically planning to embark upon an action plan that is purposeful and directed towards the needed change. The Who(s), What(s), When(s), Where(s) and How(s) of the interventional steps to be taken are usually explored through the following questions:

  • What Type of interventions would suit this kind of organization?
  • At what Level the intervention has to be directed?
  • The Intensity of the intervention that the client system could adapt comfortably.
  • Scale of the intervention vis-à-vis the size of the client system organization.
  • The Right time to intervene.

The above approaches moves through several rounds of evaluation, weighing various pros and cons of an approach to decide its relevance and suitability to the change outcomes desired by the client system.

This is also the time when the OD specialists states clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt the hypothesis, the assumptions and the specific premises of client system that could be making rounds and could impact the choice of the intervention. The role of the OD specialist here is to ensure that the choice of the intervention is not influenced by the assumptions and hypothesis making rounds of the organization, in such a way that the chosen intervention becomes potentially less effective to bring out the desired outcomes.

The key stakeholders at this stage are taken into confidence and the action plan is reviewed and modified basis the inputs from the client system. It is also important to ensure that key logistical aspects are taken care of in discussion with the client system.

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