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Dimensions Of OD

OD is Multi-Dimensional

OD is a field which operates within a vast range of applications, ideologies, methodologies, schools of thought and approaches. Additionally, the field looks into various dimensions of and organization, its growth and change. The level of operation and application also ranges from working at individual level process to the trans-organization level processes. The field of OD is a truly multi-dimensional field and carries an enormous diversity in itself. The segment ‘Dimensions of OD’ is dedic ... Continue reading & Edit »

T-Group Process

T-Group Process The branch of OD that involves working in a group of 10-12 people in a non-classroom setup with no agenda provided but to explore what is happening to them on a ‘here and now’ basis and how the group members interact among themselves and resolve emerging issues therein, is T-Group or laboratory training methodology. The critically important elements of T-Group or Laboratory Training Methodology is the absence of appointed leaders and the presence of a facilitator who does n ... Continue reading & Edit »

Process Consulting

Process consulting is a model of consultation based on mutual “helping relationship” propounded by Edgar Schein. It all started as a practice during the late twentieth century as a consulting work in which the consultant works ‘with’ the client and not ‘for’ the client. This constitutes the fundamental philosophy of process consulting. In process consultation there is no one management expert who comes up with an off-the-shelf solution for the client, rather the consultant and the cl ... Continue reading & Edit »

Covert Processes In Organizations

An organization is also, in a way, a Being in itself. Just as a human being at the intra-personal level goes through Conscious as well Unconscious processes, an organization also has covert processes. An OD practitioner is often required to analyze an organization. It is often seen in organizational setup that, in a meeting where several different role holders are having a collective meeting, there is much that is communicated by what remains unsaid than by what is openly communicated. This is w ... Continue reading & Edit »


With organizations moving away from traditional classroom based training and laying increasing importance on other forms of Learning & Development to grow their people, Coaching is increasingly getting preference. A CIPD survey shows that almost 96% of respondents believe that they would require advice and support if they were to take on even more responsibility for their own learning (Parsloe & Rolph, 2004). Definitions: In his book Coaching for Performance (June 2004), John Whitmore ... Continue reading & Edit »

Future Of OD

In the world that faces change at the most rapid pace than ever before, the scope of Organizations to benefit from the practice of Organization Development becomes greater and larger than ever before. It is not just the pace at which the world is changing; it is also the nature of change and the dimensions in which the change is taking place that suggests the enormous need for organizations to reorient themselves towards Organization Development perspectives. The perspective with which the ‘f ... Continue reading & Edit »

Organizational Stories

Organizations are the storehouse of stories; stories of the individuals, of the groups, the system and the organization’s environment. Only a few passionate and courageous practitioners step into the exploration of organizational stories with the rapt attention that these deserve. Fewer still, are able to leverage these stories to explore the realities of the organization, as well as, facilitate the organizations rewrite new stories of success, growth and transformation. A curious practitione ... Continue reading & Edit »

Leadership & Succession

The study of Leadership, Leadership Development and Management is relevant in any political, social, global as well as organizational settings. Whether Leaders are ‘born or made’ is a cliché by now that has its merit on both extremes of the scale. Leadership is a process as well as practice. It is the process by which one person influences others to accomplish the objectives and gives a direction to the organization in such a way that it makes the organization more cohesive and coherent. Le ... Continue reading & Edit »

Power & Politics In Organizations

Organizations are nurseries of Power and Politics because by the very division of labor and separation of authority, in an environment where achievement is seen as primary purpose – what naturally breeds is a sense of Competitive Rivalry. This could be true for business as well as non-business organizations as in both kind of organizations the common thread of division of labor and segregations of authority runs in source form or extent. Despite the fact that organizations are formed and set t ... Continue reading & Edit »

Use Of Instruments In OD

Just as human beings are psychodynamic entities, organizations as collection of human beings also have a psychodynamic entity. Since the domain of organizational development is about bringing planned change and also developing individuals as well as groups, the use of psychometric instruments, tests and scales are very widely used as developmental intervention in organizations. These instruments, tests and scales not only help the OD practitioner to unearth the covert process in the organization ... Continue reading & Edit »
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