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Entering & Contracting

Introduction- Process Of OD Consulting

The Process of OD consulting triggers when the organization leaders sense an opportunity for change and begin discussing amongst them, the possibility of embarking upon an institution wide endeavor to initiate and manage such change. This process could also involve engaging an external expert consultant wherein the organizational leaders and the external OD consultant partner in the whole process of initiating and managing change. The formal consulting process begins with the organization sel ... Continue reading & Edit »

Initiation of OD Process

When an Organization or a Manager senses the need or an opportunity for a change or an improvement in the organization or a part of the organization and the OD processes is thought of- the Entry and Contracting are the first steps undertaken. The Entry and Contracting are initiated both when the OD process is to be taken up by the internal consultant and also when an external expert is hired to facilitate the OD process. The Entry and Contracting phase of OD process involves defining the scope ... Continue reading & Edit »

Entering the Client Organization and the Project

Entering the Client Organization and the Project Entering the organization is a crucial step in the Organization Development process. How the practitioner enters the client organization system and the OD project contributes in the success or failure of the project. It is the first initiative in building the client-practitioner-organization relationship. Preparing for entry In fact, much before the practitioner actually enters the organization, she must prepare for the crucial initial meetings ... Continue reading & Edit »

Contracting with the client

A contract is an essential part of any relationship, especially a professional and goal driven relationship; it is the contract that enforces clarity and enhances commitment to the boundaries, tasks and outcomes of the association. During the process of creating a contract document, both the practitioner and the client get more clarity in defining the problem/issue and the desired change initiative. It is imperative to get maximum clarity and refinement in definition of the issue and the desired ... Continue reading & Edit »
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