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Team Odpedia

Establishing Planned Change

Evaluation of the Intervention & Change

Feedbacks are important part of the OD process and an integral component of action research methodology. Feedbacks about the practitioners and their work are taken through evaluation of interventions implemented by the practitioner and the change agents. Kahan & Goodstadt mention ‘Evaluation’ as a set of research questions and methods geared to reviewing processes, activities and strategies for the purpose of improving them in order to achieve better results. Evaluation of the implement ... Continue reading & Edit »

Institutionalization of Change

For the external consultants, being external to the client system is almost a drawback, as they don’t get to witness whether the implemented changes have sustained the test of time and to what extent. It is every practitioner’s desire to gauge whether the changes implemented in the organization have become a part of the organization’s culture. While the internal consultants might get peripheral indications of whether the changes have been internalized and voluntarily adopted by the client ... Continue reading & Edit »
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