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Frameworks & Models

Introduction to Frameworks, Models & Concepts

Introduction Frameworks, Models, Concepts & Theories The world’s body of knowledge has been built and is been growing by addition of several theories, models, frameworks and concepts. To a layman and also to young students, the differences between these are not known and to them these seem to be all of same. However, as we grow and embark upon higher orders of work either in academics or in professional applications, it is important to understand how theories, models, frameworks and conc ... Continue reading & Edit »

List of Frameworks & Models

Kurt Lewin’s Three Stage Change Model Kurt Lewin, being the pioneer in Change Management Theories, gave the Three Step Change Model as a framework for understanding the principle and process of planned change and how it can be applied to bring about a change in the organization. Lewin used the principle of physics (being a physicist himself) and explained the concept of change through it. Lewin used the analogy of changing the shape of a block of ice, to explain the principle. When one wants ... Continue reading & Edit »
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