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What is Intervention? After the diagnosis of an organizational situation, the OD practitioner analyzes the organizational data and provides feedback to the management to address the problems within the scope agreed upon. The OD practitioner then decides on the method and manner with which he or she would initiate the action or process towards the planned change. This action or process of ‘Intervening’ the organization is referred as Intervention. CHRIS ARGYRIS (1970) in his book Intervent ... Continue reading & Edit »

Planning & Designing

In the course of its governance the client system takes several actions which are also interventions in a way. However, in the context of organizational development an intervention is not just any regular action that is taken. Intervention is a planned step purposefully taken and directed towards the growth and change that the client system is desirous of achieving. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the usual steps of governance taken by the client system is not necessarily at the system le ... Continue reading & Edit »

Approaches & Frameworks

When at the intervention phase, the OD consultant is already sitting on heaps of raw data. Thus, planning the intervention is basically planning to embark upon an action plan that is purposeful and directed towards the needed change. The Who(s), What(s), When(s), Where(s) and How(s) of the interventional steps to be taken are usually explored through the following questions: What Type of interventions would suit this kind of organization? At what Level the intervention has to be directed ... Continue reading & Edit »


Interventions exist in a range. From human process interventions, which are at the level of interpersonal and group processes, up to, long term transformational interventions at the organizational level. In between, there are Structural interventions and Functional interventions, done by the Human Resource Department of the organization. Thus, intervention cuts across People, Process, Systems and Structures and is deployed basis the need deemed fit by the OD practitioner, given the ultimate chan ... Continue reading & Edit »

Effectiveness Of Intervention

What are Effective Interventions? Organization Development being a process of achieving planned change through a series of planned actions and events, every such action and event must be effective in a way that it directs the organization and its individual towards the planned change. For an intervention to be effective, three principle criteria need to be fulfilled. The chosen action or event as an intervention must directly address the needs of the organization and aid its movement towa ... Continue reading & Edit »

Leading Change- The Leadership Imperative

Leading the ‘Change’ and managing it, is a critical phase in the OD cycle and demands a significant amount of time, energy and effort. Once the diagnosis is done and the causes of the issues in the organizations are identified, the process of initiating change gets triggered. The OD practitioner, collaboratively with the organizational members, begins designing the interventions and planning the change; and draws upon the deployment and implementation framework for change for the organizatio ... Continue reading & Edit »
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