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List of Frameworks & Models

Kurt Lewin’s three stage model

Kurt Lewin’s Three Stage Change Model Kurt Lewin, being the pioneer in Change Management Theories, gave the Three Step Change Model as a framework for understanding the principle and process of planned change and how it can be applied to bring about a change in the organization. Lewin used the principle of physics (being a physicist himself) and explained the concept of change through it. Lewin used the analogy of changing the shape of a block of ice, to explain the principle. When one wants t ... Continue reading & Edit »

Marvin Weisbord’s 6 box Model

Marvin Weisbord’s Six Box Model The six box model designed by Marvin Weisbord’s is said to be one of the simplest and perhaps the most used diagnostic model, especially when the OD consultant is in need for a quick understanding or cognitive map of the organization to begin with. Even for a consultant who is not yet hands on in ‘systems thinking’, it helps place the various information about the organization in relations with different part, providing insights about how the organization ... Continue reading & Edit »
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