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Team Odpedia

OD Applications

Sectoral Applications

OD Merits Application in all Sectors – For Profit as well as Not-For-Profit In the current context of global business, every organization strives to maintain its competitiveness around four levels of competitiveness i.e. Cost, Quality, Service and Speed. Organizations, irrespective of being profit oriented or non-profit oriented – Cost, Quality, Service and Speed continues to be the standard parameters to determine efficiency and effectiveness. From time to time, organizations re-orient the ... Continue reading & Edit »

Situational Applications

OD is applied in varied situations from small group conflict resolutions to trans-organizational interventions, from human behavior & relations to structural and procedural situations. Since the theories and practice of Organizational Development have interdisciplinary roots, a gamut of organizational situations benefit from the application of theoretical underpinnings and dimensions of OD practice including: Application of OD in Mergers & Acquisition In case of Mergers and Acquisition ... Continue reading & Edit »
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