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OD Practitioner

The Practitioner

A specialist OD practitioner is a professional who specializes in Organization Development and Change Management and applies her/his expertise of OD theories and practice as a profession. He/she could be practicing OD as an internal OD consultant or an external practitioner brought in as an expert consultant. The specialist OD Practitioners ought to be well versed with the theoretical background of OD, which essentially includes Applied Behavior Science, Organizational Psychology, Social Psychol ... Continue reading & Edit »

Roles Of OD Practitioner

The OD Practitioner invariably plays several roles during the lifecycle of an OD project. The roles of OD practitioners may also be viewed from the lens of the position held by them in the client organization, that is, as internal OD practitioner or the external OD practitioner. The few roles which any OD practitioner plays during any OD and Change Management project include: As Consultant: In the role of a consultant, the OD practitioner utilizes his/her core consulting competencies and acts i ... Continue reading & Edit »

Position Based Roles

The internal practitioner role: An internal practitioner is role of a practitioner who is an existing member of the organization and acts as a consultant to the various teams, departments and units within the organization, for helping them solve the OD related issues. The internal practitioner may be in a specialist practitioner role, handling the OD practice exclusively; or he may be in transitory practitioner role, taking up the role of OD practitioner intermittently or along with other regula ... Continue reading & Edit »

Practicing Change Agents

OD practitioners and consultants are the agents of change in the client organizations. The organizational members, selected to work along with the OD consultants as their team, also act as change agents. The OD practitioner and consultant hold the primary responsibility of being the change agents and this responsibility comes with enormous challenges at every step of the OD projects. To manage and deal with those challenges and to ensure the effectiveness of the OD intervention and change initia ... Continue reading & Edit »
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