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Practice Of OD

OD Practitioner

A specialist OD practitioner is a professional who specializes in Organization Development and Change Management and applies her/his expertise of OD theories and practice as a profession. He/she could be practicing OD as an internal OD consultant or an external practitioner brought in as an expert consultant. The specialist OD Practitioners ought to be well versed with the theoretical background of OD, which essentially includes Applied Behavior Science, Organizational Psychology, Social Psychol ... Continue reading & Edit »

Frameworks & Models

Introduction Frameworks, Models, Concepts & Theories The world’s body of knowledge has been built and is been growing by addition of several theories, models, frameworks and concepts. To a layman and also to young students, the differences between these are not known and to them these seem to be all of same. However, as we grow and embark upon higher orders of work either in academics or in professional applications, it is important to understand how theories, models, frameworks and concept ... Continue reading & Edit »

Dimensions Of OD

The field of OD is a truly multi-dimensional field and carries an enormous diversity in itself. The segment ‘Dimensions of OD’ is dedicated to capturing several unique dimensions and perspectives on OD and covers a variety of work done in the field of Organization Development, Applied Behavioral Science, Tools & Techniques, new and emerging approaches and philosophies etc. ... Continue reading & Edit »
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