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Process Of OD

Entering & Contracting

Entering the Client Organization and the Project Entering the organization is a crucial step in the Organization Development process. How the practitioner enters the client organization system and the OD project contributes in the success or failure of the project. It is the first initiative in building the client-practitioner-organization relationship. Preparing for entry In fact, much before the practitioner actually enters the organization, she must prepare for the crucial initial me ... Continue reading & Edit »


Diagnosis is usually understood as a process of ‘finding problem’; however, finding problem is only one of the outcomes, a manifested byproduct, of the Diagnostic process. Diagnosis in its real sense is a discovery process which is deployed to discover the ‘current state’ or ‘as-is status’ or the ‘status quo’ of the entity being diagnosed, as well as, to unearth the realities or facts attached to the manifested symptoms of that status quo. It is a process of gathering unbiased in ... Continue reading & Edit »


What is Intervention? After the diagnosis of an organizational situation, the OD practitioner analyzes the organizational data and provides feedback to the management to address the problems within the scope agreed upon. The OD practitioner then decides on the method and manner with which he or she would initiate the action or process towards the planned change. This action or process of ‘Intervening’ the organization is referred as Intervention. CHRIS ARGYRIS (1970) in his book Intervention ... Continue reading & Edit »

Establishing Planned Change

Feedbacks are important part of the OD process and an integral component of action research methodology. Feedbacks about the practitioners and their work are taken through evaluation of interventions implemented by the practitioner and the change agents. Kahan & Goodstadt mention ‘Evaluation’ as a set of research questions and methods geared to reviewing processes, activities and strategies for the purpose of improving them in order to achieve better results. Evaluation of the implemente ... Continue reading & Edit »
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