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Position Based Roles

The internal practitioner role: An internal practitioner is role of a practitioner who is an existing member of the organization and acts as a consultant to the various teams, departments and units within the organization, for helping them solve the OD related issues. The internal practitioner may be in a specialist practitioner role, handling the OD practice exclusively; or he may be in transitory practitioner role, taking up the role of OD practitioner intermittently or along with other regular responsibilities in the organization system. Both, the specialist and part-time internal practitioners provide their services to the various internal clients from the organization.

The external practitioner role: An external practitioner is a specialist OD practitioner hired by the client organization to help them resolve their OD and change issues. The external practitioner is engaged for the OD project, through a formal contract with the client organization. He may either be employed with a consulting organization and engaged on the project on their behalf or may be an independent/ freelance consultant and periodically visits the client organization till the completion of the project.

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