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Situational Applications

OD is applied in varied situations from small group conflict resolutions to trans-organizational interventions, from human behavior & relations to structural and procedural situations. Since the theories and practice of Organizational Development have interdisciplinary roots, a gamut of organizational situations benefit from the application of theoretical underpinnings and dimensions of OD practice including:

Application of OD in Mergers & Acquisition

In case of Mergers and Acquisition, beyond the due-diligence of the safety, security of the business processes, interests and stakes, the biggest difference and the widest deviation that the new entity experiences is the ‘on-ground’ differences in ways of working. When Processes change, People also need to change the way they manage and work on the processes.

OD has a scope of application of M&A, in terms of aligning the mindscape of the people from the Legacy System to the New System. Typical problems that exist in the Mergers & Acquisition is the organizational change process characterized by anxiety, crises of identity acculturation, role conflict, job security and perceptions of fairness and equity amongst people who run the process. When Leaders and Boards take awareness and understanding of the human side of M&A and adopt an OD approach, it helps the new entity systematically introduce interventions that works on behavior and psychology of people so as to make them ready to accept and align to the new and emerging ways of working.

Application of OD in Leadership Development

OD in an organization can be seen as a 3-tier system – Individual Level, Interpersonal Level and Organizational Level. Often, to increase the effectiveness of the larger organization the focus is laid on the individuals and on increasing their effectiveness as Leaders. Organizations often embark upon a planned change initiative at the Individual Level to develop a set of new leaders, thereby targeting changes at the organization level. This being a planned change, is an area of application of Values, Principles and Methodologies of OD. When OD is applied to Leadership Development, a scientific logic is raised and reasoning emerges on the kind of leadership to be developed – transactional or transformational.

The OD approach to Leadership Development helps the organization to avoid a one-size-for-all recommendation to specific recommendation of interventions and methodology for different levels of leadership to be developed. Not all leaders at all levels are to be developed to become Transformational Leaders. Organization needs leaders who are required to perform transactional functions too. An OD approach makes the development process scientific and empirical, distinguishing it from a Qualitative Organization wide mandate that may not show sharply visible results over a period of time.

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