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The Practitioner

A specialist OD practitioner is a professional who specializes in Organization Development and Change Management and applies her/his expertise of OD theories and practice as a profession. He/she could be practicing OD as an internal OD consultant or an external practitioner brought in as an expert consultant. The specialist OD Practitioners ought to be well versed with the theoretical background of OD, which essentially includes Applied Behavior Science, Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Management, Organization Behavior, as well as, conceptual and practical knowledge of theories, tools, techniques, frameworks and models of Organization Development and Change Management. They would also possess expertise in facilitating the organizational members work through the organization’s social, technical, structural and strategic issues in order to achieve the desired level of organizational effectiveness or planned change. Apart from the cognitive competence of OD related theories and practice, the specialist OD practitioner would possess adequate consulting skills and fair understanding of the consulting process.

Another segment of Professionals is now being called as OD practitioners, those from allied fields who have learned OD practice by working with a specialist OD Practitioner, assisting him/her in implementing the OD projects, within their organization or unit, as well as, those who have learned and adapted OD practice into their field of work or function. These are professionals, who have transitioned into the field of OD from allied fields and their interactions with the specialist practitioner. However it is imperative that such professionals adapt to the OD values and ethics and also gain specialized professional training in OD theories and practices, to be able to truly transition as OD practitioner and being effective.

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