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Use Of Instruments In OD

Just as human beings are psychodynamic entities, organizations as collection of human beings also have a psychodynamic entity. Since the domain of organizational development is about bringing planned change and also developing individuals as well as groups, the use of psychometric instruments, tests and scales are very widely used as developmental intervention in organizations.

These instruments, tests and scales not only help the OD practitioner to unearth the covert process in the organization, but also to measure them empirically within the respective models and frameworks which form their base.

Instruments, tests and scales in OD are also drawn from learnings associated with clinical psychology as well as group dynamics, making the field of Applied Behavioral Sciences a domain that is strong and consistent in providing empirical psychodynamic data. This makes the process of decision making even more robust in business organizations.

OD instruments cater to various components of the organization. There are instruments for interpersonal assessment, intra personal assessment as well as those for measuring group processes.

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