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Mary Jane Balasi-Sullivan

Principal Partner, Maja’s career as a change agent evolved significantly over a 20- year experience as an organization development practitioner. Much of her work was devoted in bringing about positive change in youth, women, economically poor communities, faith-based organizations, non-government organizations, and the academe. Her practicing organization development with Roland Sullivan for the past 6 years has expanded her career to greater heights. She is being transformed herself as she takes part in leading change and transformation with STA (Sullivan Transformation Agents) clients including the recognized most significant corporate transformation in Indonesia. Her experience in transforming systems in 10 countries with different sectors including the corporate, helped her become a natural change agent. She is trained in the theory and practice of group process and facilitation, community development, appreciative inquiry, coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, women and youth empowerment, innovative strategies, and human resource development. One of her great accomplishments was serving for 5 years as Diocesan Youth Director in one of the provinces in the Philippines where she supervised and created an impact for the transformation of 32 parishes and 65 colleges and schools. The transformation and change that was created is still being continued up to this day, now in its 12th year. Passionate about mastering Whole System Transformation, Maja is a dynamic, caring, and an effective change agent who believes that organizations need to respond with nimbleness and agility in today’s rapidly changing environment. Maja possesses a Masters in Applied Social Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU). She has also started working on her Ph.D. in Social-Organizational Psychology in the same university.

United States , United States | Consultant

CurrentOD Consultant

Education Ph.D. Student Social-Organizational Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University-Philippines

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