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Rating Policy

Odpedia Rating Policy for allocation of Nibs


The contributions made to Odpedia are rated by a panel of experts at Odpedia. Ratings on individual contributions get automatically collated to award Bronze, Silver and Gold Nibs to the contributors.
How We Calculate?
1. Each article is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 based on assessment criterions of the panel of OD experts.
2. Individual ratings are averaged out to arrive at a consolidated rating.
3. The Nibs are assigned on the basis of consolidated rating for which the ranges on a scale of 1 to 10 are:
1 to 4 = Bronze
5 to 7 = Silver
8 to 10 = Gold

Example for illustration purpose:
Assume, there is a contributor, who has contributed 4 Articles and these are rated as follows:
Article 1: 5/10
Article 2: 9/10
Article 3: 4/10
Article 4: 7/10

The average rating in this case shall be (5+9+4+7)/4 = 6.25,
This means, the contributor shall get assigned, a Silver Nib (as he is falling in the range of 5 to 7).

How to improve your Rating:
A Bronze or Silver Nib member, aspiring to become a Gold Nib member, can always, raise to Gold Nib status, if he contributes higher quality material resulting in higher ratings and hence a higher average that falls under the Gold Nib range.

Contributions attracting lower scores can result a Gold Nib member to descend down to a Silver or Bronze Nib level in case his average scores fall in subsequent contributions due to lack of excellence.

Like Dislike options (OD community, Audience Poll)

The Like and Dislike options for each contribution are meant for Peer Rating. This means, the registered members of the website can like or dislike the contribution and make it a popular or an un popular choice. This has no connection with Odpedia rating, it is just a reflection of the response that the Contribution receives from registered members.

However, in the event of exceptional response of open peer rating, Odpedia expert panel may review its ratings (in case they are contradictory), this however, is absolutely discretionary and not a practice.

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